All Change

I have changed the theme. After using the original one a few times, it was obvious that it was a slow clunky beast of a theme – possibly due to a large amount of graphic in the background. So, I’ve found a lighter one (in several senses of the word).

From an audience perspective, how a web site operates will affect how it is perceived – you can write the most inciteful, inventive, creative content in the world of content, but if the web site takes 2 minutes to load, won’t scroll and looks like a migraine the audience will not do the 4 most important things that an audience needs to do – 1. engage with the site and take note of the amazing content 2. Stay and explore the site to see all the other amazing content and 3. Revisit the site to see if there is any update content! With these 3 in place, you may get the biggie – 4. Share your site so others come and visit it!

As you do you own work for your submission, be considering how the audience will actually perceive what you have created.

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