The Psychographic Questions….

As a group, we decided that these were the the questions we needed ot establish who the audience is, what they like and what they do. Again, like the demographic questions, you need to figure out how you are asking these questions – this will be your methodology (collection of techniques being used). Use a variety of techniques – so, some questions should be asked as questionnaires, some as Vox Pop, and some through other social networking methods.

What are your hobbies?

What is favourite genre of…
What are you favourite…
How often do you watch / consume in a week….

  • Games
  • TV
  • FIlm
  • Music

How often do you use / Access…
How do you access…
How long do you access…. in a week?

  • TV
  • Film
  • Games
  • music
  • Internet

How do you do your coursework?
i.e. In college, at home, online, on paper, exams, course work…?

Do you download legally or illegally?

Who are you favourite…

  • Role Models?
  • Actors / performers?
  • Idols?

What do you use Youtube for?

  • Trailers
  • Cute Videos (Cats / Kittens / Dogs / Puppies / Chipmonks etc)
  • Anime
  • Music
  • Music Videos
  • Clips
  • Research
  • Tutorials
  • Video Games
  • Comedy clips
  • User Generated Content

How many media devices do you use at the same time?

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