What my group plans to do

We plan to create questionnaires and surveys and give them to people in the focus group of 16-19 year old teenage media students as this is the target audience we are trying to reach out to. Some of these will be handed to people directly, others would be conducted online e.g. Survey Monkey. Some might even be asking the people all the questions directly. We would collect the survey results after a week has pasted as we feel this is an adequate enough time to collect all the necessary results that we require.

The questions would include ‘what gender are you?’, ‘what age are you?’, ‘What is your eye colour?’, ‘What is your hair colour?’ and their hobbies and interests i.e. ‘what genre of books, video games, TV shows, movies, music, novels, comic books, magazines and newspapers are you into?’. Obviously some people like do loads of one and hardly any of the other, and some people might do half and half, but those are the sort of results we are expecting to get back, that’s the whole point of it really. Also for each different type we would have a separate question e.g. ‘what genre of film are you into?’ would be a separate question to ‘what genre of TV show are you into?’

If we get time we might even screen an old TV show or film to a focus group and film their reactions to it. Also we would ask them to compare it to an updated version of that media product. It could either be comparing 1960′s Adam West ‘Batman’ to ‘The Dark Knight’ or it could be comparing 1960′s ‘Doctor Who’ to modern day ‘Doctor Who’, or it could be something completely different, we haven’t got as far as deciding that yet. Alternatively instead of asking them to compare them directly on the spot we could ask them to fill out a quick questionnaire/survey that would include a series of questions about the comparison as this might be more effective in the long run and we might get more useful and substantial answers by doing it this way.

All of this is to just get some general demographic information for a wider project that we are going into, and so that we can put different people into different categories on the socio-economic scale, plus we can put our target audience (16-19 year olds teenage media students) into one category on the socio-economic scale.

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