Audience Research

Audience research is all the research required about the whole audience, this means that before any production can started off the market teams need to be aware of what the audience is looking for within their ‘product’, i.e. film, video, song etc. The “evidence from audience research can help service providers to make informed decisions”, (The guide to researching audiences, pg 55). This is showing that all information coming from the audience will hold the future for any production as that would be where the production will begin. Audience research can be complied in many ways such as using focus groups, airing a pilot, handing/sending out relative questionnaires etc.

Audience Data:

“Audience data is a measure of the demographic profiles and household data of the national audience for a television network at certain intervals when something is aired”, ( This is showing that when the product is aired on t.v. the useful data would be collected for the purpose of the markets, this would mean that all the viewers would be calculated but commonly now the marketers can view how the show is being watched i.e. through the t.v. or Internet.

Audience Profiling:

Audience profiling is for the market researchers to find out what the target audience would want for example for a music video, if the video is based around metal rock then the production would need to included features of metal rock in the video so it would appeal to that audience.


Demographics are about the characteristics of each person, so finding out who they are to what they like. The information required can be collected through surveys to find out all the data required.


Geodemographics is similar to demographics but the production would be focusing more on the areas and locations of the viewers, to relate to their surroundings.

Consumer Behaviour:

“Consumer behaviour is the study of when, why, how, and where people do or do not buy a product” ( For the media the consumer behaviour would be done to focus on how when, how, and why the audience would want to see a particular show, video, film etc. The information required could be done by seeing previous reviews and statistics but also handing out fresh new surveys to find out all the information needed.

Consumer Attitudes:

Consumer attitudes is mainly focusing on the likes and dislikes of the audience. The marketers would need to have an understanding on what the viewers would be after, in order to have an effective good production.

Audience awareness:

Audience awareness is where the production production would need to be fully aware of what the audience if after for example, if a horror film is going to be produced then the production team need find out what the audience wants, not just what they want i.e. if the audience prefers scenes to make them jump etc.

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