How science-fiction has changed over the years

Firstly, ‘Doctor Who’ is massively different nowadays to how it was back in the 1960’s. When the show started The Doctor was played by an old man (William Hartnell) and nowadays he is played by a young man (Matt Smith). His companions back then were his granddaughter (Susan Foreman) and two school teachers (Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright), but nowadays it is a woman who keeps dying every time he meets her (Clara Oswin Oswald), so the program has become more complicated over the years with complex story arcs. In the 50th anniversary it is rumoured that there will even be a secret story arc that has been building up over the last three years, maybe more. In the 60’s there weren’t hardly any story arcs.

Nowadays the episodes are much more fast paced. A scene that would take about 5 minutes in a modern episode would probably take a whole episode in the 60’s. In the 60’s each episode was 25 minutes long but nowadays they are 45 minutes long. What were 4 to 6 part stories in the 60’s have become 1 to 2 part stories nowadays.

In terms of ‘Star Wars’, the originals are very different to the prequels. Because the prequels are the most recent films they have much better special effects than the originals which were made in the 70’s and 80’s. The episode 1 re-release was in 3D in cinemas and the planned episode 7 is most likely going to be in 3D too according to rumours. What would be a CGI background in a prequel film would be a drawing or a painting in an original theatrical release of an original.

Obviously with the new Blu-Ray versions of the originals the paintings and drawings have been replaced with CGI backgrounds which is kind of good in a way as it’s making them look better but on the other hand it’s kind of not good because it’s not staying loyal to that original footage as people worked hard to create those paintings and drawings. At least with most of the ships they still kept with the original models and they didn’t change them to CGI, apart from adding in brighter red engines on the back of x-wings and things like that.

Also ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Doctor Who’ have become national institutions expanding way beyond the TV show and the movies. You have video games, comics, action figures, magazines and books on offer amongst other things. These offer not only tales of the original characters before, after and in between the movies and the TV show but also tales of other characters in these same universes that are also quite interesting. With ‘Star Wars’ this content is known as the expanded universe. You have ‘The Clone Wars’ animated movie and TV show which has gone on for five seasons and possibly more and of course you have ‘The Old Republic’ which is set before the prequels.

You can buy books, comics, action figures and video games of ‘The Old Republic’ amongst other things. The video games that you can buy include ‘Knights of the Old Republic’, ‘Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords’ and ‘The Old Republic’-Which is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (an MMORPG). This game offers not only action and adventure, but hard decision making, puzzles and romance.

Other ‘Star Wars’ universe games include ‘Battlefront’, ‘Battlefront 2’, ‘Empire At War’, ‘Episode 3’, ‘Episode 1’ and games based on ‘Episode 2’. The ‘Knights of the Old Republic’ comic strip follows the adventures of Jedi knight Zayne Carrick and in ‘The Old Republic’ video game there is space station named after him in the centre of the Republic fleet called ‘Carrick Station’.

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