Primary research

Primary research is when you ask specific questions from individual people, this can be carried out by questionnaires, Telephone calls and interviews. Business uses Primary research to identify problems in the company, on the website it says that when gathering research you need to specific in what you are asking. However Primary research can be more expensive and time consuming than doing Secondary research, as the researchers have to create their own materials like surveys and questionnaires. However secondary research is already available to use in libraries and on the Internet, however this does depend on what question you are asking. If you ask people in interviews face to face or over the phone on what their favourite movie is, as this sort of information can’t be obtained  from libraries but it could be obtained from the Internet on IMDB if you look at film ratings. (This explains why Primary research is more expensive than secondary) (This is where I got a quote from and where I also got a lot of information about how Primary is carried out) (This explains the difference between Primary and Secondary research)

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