Production Research


The content of the production would be what would be included in the production itself for example if it was a music video would it be a narrative structure or studio based, also linking with the type of costumes etc.


When doing all the research the production team will need to make sure that they have considered all the viewers.

Placement media:

The placement media would be where the show, video, film would be aired. The production would need to consider the audience for example, if the production was a music video then the production would want to show it on a music channel so it can be accesed easily, but also if ended up on a completely different channel such as BBC it would suit the criteria of the music video and could loose many viewings.


Would be where the production would get investors to be introduced within their production to help with the budgeting.


Would be budgeting their money wisely in order to afford all the cost including, travelling, props, costumes, hiring etc.

Technological resources:

The technological resources is based around the copyright side to a production, they can vary from different countries the main copyright issues would be design, music, software and text.


is based around the person employed and their contracts. Each contract would vary depending on the position on the person, but each employ and production needs to have regular contracts.


The locations in the production are one of the key aspects as they are just as important as for example a music video. The location would need to be discovered in the pre productions so they can be equally covered for the use of the production. With each location the production team will need to fill out risk assessments have location notes, movement orders etc.

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