Quantitative research

Quantitative research is when companies use statistical research to find out what people want. The way this fits in with the media industry is when corporations, like the BBC and ITV, commission programmes which the public like. If we take Inspector Morse programmes for example, the programmes was about a inspector who solved murders with his companion Detective Lewis. Inspector Morse was very similar to other murder dramas at that time like Murder She Wrote, Agatha Christie’s Poirot and Miss Marple. As from 1970’s to the mid 1990’s the murder mystery nationally and international was a very popular genre on TV as the viewing figures for Inspector Morse every episode was an average of 5.9million. With the figures from Inspector Morse and other shows future production teams estimate the number of viewing they would get at a certain time.

Quantitative research is carried out by asking people about their opinions on a subject in a way so as much information about each individual can be acquired to use in a large statistic survey on what people are interested in, when collecting Quantitative research you should be making sure you’re asking the question ‘how many’ as you want the response to be number. As this will later add up in with the interviews and surveys, which I believe is a direct and specific questions that stops the researchers being biased. By making the research biased or ignoring the figures TV shows would flop on the first couple of episodes.

When doing questionnaires and interviews you will have to consider what questions you are asking to different age groups, so if you ask a question to an over 80 age group ‘what is your favourite Grand Theft Auto game’ the over 80’s would be standing there looking confused and wouldn’t know what it is you are asking. However to age group for 18 to 40 then more people would know about it and could comment on it. So it is important to use a bit common sense when choosing a subject and an age group to go with that subject.

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