The Assignments

So, first we start of with a brief than covers the pass criteria for both Critical Responses and research…

Assignment front sheet NED2 Task 1 Glossary

I will be marking using mindmaps, which look like this for Research…

3.1 Nature and purposes of Research 3.2 apply research methods and techniques 3.3 Present results

And this for Critical Responses….

6.1 Critical responses 6.2 crit responses 6.3 crit responses 6.4 Critical responses

Then, you can do the audience research bit – make a questionnaire to find out about your audience (likes, dislikes etc) and turn it into an audience profile…

NED2 Task 1 Brief Assignment front sheet – task 1

Then you look at how products are made for an audience; maybe a focus group, or look at how genres change over time…

Assignment front sheet – task 2 NED2 Task 2 Brief

Then look at debates and media theories:

NED2 Task 3 Brief assignment front sheet – task 3

and finally, an analysis and personal response to a product.

NED2 Task 4 Brief assignment front sheet – task 4

And that is the official path thorough these units.


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