The Audience

To find and understand the common profile for 16-19 year old media students who live , or come to Bridgwater, we needed to create and conduct surveys and questionnaires in order to find all the relative answers we are looking for. Firstly pilling questions together myself and 3 other members came up and added in our own questions to ask to our target audience, we had a quick session about what sort of questions we could ask and we left with more we felt appropriate ones that would be easily answered by our age group. For example if we were to create a survey that kept stating the what and why’s then the statistics by the end would be too complex, so keeping the questions short and sweet so the outcome again would be short and sweet but still getting new information. As we know who our target audience is we felt that we should ask questions basing on what we already know (stereotyping), i.e. one of our group members thought about asking ‘how low do you wear your jeans’ and i added ‘Do you have any body modifications’, and with these types of questions i feel that we would then be able find out more about teenagers and how and what they do as we are basing our research on finding to create a portfolio of an imaginary person, (so they need to be believable, which is why we are conducting the research).

Within the questionnaire i came up with the questions about ‘Do you have any body modifications?’ (with inspirations from the previous lesson), ‘What film/T.V genres is your favourite?’,  ‘How many hours do you spend watching T.V/films during one week?’ (with assistance), ‘What do you use YouTube for?, (with assistance). Then at the end with the characters I written the profiles of the people apart from Sheldon Cooper.

‘Barack Obama – Smartly dressed interactive person who goes out and enjoys the real world and not a 2D/3D screen’.

‘Gwyneth Paltrow – You know your way round technology and not afraid to go outside. You must being doing something right because you’re dating Iron Man’

‘Batman – Retirement has hit you fast as you’re changed your ways from being the almighty superhero to a down right sloth!’

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