‘Doctor Who’ Video Clip 2: ‘Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS’ (Modern Day) (Formal)

In this second clip from ‘Doctor Who’, which was taken from a modern day episode called ‘Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS’, The Doctor is played by a young actor called Matt Smith. It was broadcast last Saturday on BBC One so it is really recent.

Back in the 1960’s the BBC was much more formal than it is now, and due to BBC standards things like the squeezing of cheeks would not be acceptable back then but obviously nowadays it is because it happened in this clip.

You wouldn’t catch William Hartnell’s Doctor doing that, and trust me I know because i’ve seen all the William Hartnell episodes and I don’t remember him doing anything like that or similar to it apart from touching a few people’s noses.

So what i’m getting at is, ‘Doctor Who’ is very different nowadays to how it was in the 60’s, and science-fiction in general too for that matter.

Especially when in this clip The Doctor is played by a young man and in the previous clip I posted he was played by an old man. This is because the audience and age range has changed over the years. It’s struggling at the moment to identify whether it is suited best to family viewing or fan viewing, and in my opinion it’s a bit of both, both back in the 60’s and today.

It used to be a lot darker in the 60’s, as The Doctor was a more grumpy, less predictable character back then. The original formulae of the program seems to have run dry a bit. It’s got lost in translation somewhere between what it once was when it first started in the 60’s and what it is now.

An example of how dark Hartnell’s Doctor was would be the fact that after going on a really good adventure with companion school teachers Ian and Barbara he would suddenly out of the blue threaten to chuck them out of The TARDIS when he got in one of his moods. He didn’t care what random location it was, and how dangerous it was, he seemed to not care whether Ian or Barbara got killed or not, he probably did deep down, but he never admitted it and he pretended not to care.

The Doctor is more comedic and predictable nowadays i.e. in the last episode he said that he activated the TARDIS self destruct and when he revealed later in the episode that he was lying then there was no surprise or shock for me there as I knew he was going to do that.

An example of how formal language is used in this clip is when The Doctor says ‘What does a wounded animal do? It tries to scare everyone away.’

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