How Science-Fiction Has Changed: ‘Star Wars’ Romance Video 2

Now this second video is drastically different to the first one. This one is on the video game ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ rather than on the film ‘The Empire Strikes Back’.

Suddenly interactivity is involved, the relation to the characters is still there but in a slightly different way, as you the player are making the decisions now and it makes you feel more emotionally attached, connected and driven by it.

You can choose to flirt, kiss or anything you yourself want to do, but obviously there are still limitations as each time there are only three choices to choose from. You can even gain affection points from your companion if you choose the right decisions that she is happy with and she admires. On the last conversation you have with her that isn’t included on this video you can even marry her if you want to!!

Han and Leia never got married in the ‘Star Wars’ films, but there are rumours that they will either get married in the upcoming Episode 7 or they will already be married. They might even have kids.

Ultimately the relationship between Elara Dorne and the trooper is very different to the relationship between Han Solo and Leia, so therefore the audience interpret each one in a different way, and react to them differently too. Plus ‘The Old Republic’ and ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ have slightly different audiences, so the relationships have to be appropriate for each target audience.

There are some exceptions to these two different target audiences though, take me for instance, I like to consume as much ‘Star Wars’ related content as possible, meaning everything from the films, the video games, the books, the magazines, the comics, the models, the action figures and pin and medal collections.

Also the timing on this video is near enough the same as it was on ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ video. ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ video was 1:32 and this video was 1:30, so it’s only two seconds difference. This is because game makers and film makers try to think carefully about making their scenes have similar conventions that apply to all content and to all products in that universe, in this case it’s the ‘Star Wars’ universe. So romance scenes in any ‘Star Wars’ product are usually around the 1:30 mark, so that people don’t get bored and they can get back to the other elements of the storyline. These elements include sci-fi, action, adventure and fantasy. It doesn’t matter if it’s a game, film, TV show or comic, this romance timing rule/convention seems to apply to most products and content in the ‘Star Wars’ universe.

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