Media Focus Group Surveys & Questionnaires

My group are planning to conduct various surveys and questionnaires on both the web and face to face. They will be completed by focus groups. This could be a number of different focus groups of it could be the same one all the time, we don’t know yet we haven’t figured out what we are definately going to do yet. The focus group and target audience that we will be focusing on the most though is obiviously 16-19 year old media students as anyone who has read my previous posts will know.

The purpose and intent of conducting this basic research is to find out what different people are into and to create a record of their opinions and reactions to thing. This is to get into the mindset and psychology of your your average everyday sterotypical media student i.e. someone who visits You Tube quite a lot. The point of doing all this is for a much larger and wider project and really it is to identify what similarities and differences different media students have in terms of the content they consume.

An example of some people’s reactions and opinions to/on certain subjects would be screening an episode of Adam West ‘Batman’ to a group of people who have watched the ‘The Dark Knight’ in the TV studio on the projector screen and asking for their opinions on it after the episode has finished when they leave the room or alternatively get them to fill out either a survey or questionnaire before they leave the room. Doing both would be too long winded and they would get bored. I would imagine most people would be laughing all the way through the screening. We would turn the TV studio lights off when we screened it and turn them back on again when the episode had finished. I know I metioned about this in a previous post but I just wanted to expand on it.

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