What my group proposes to do is create some surveys and questionnaires. Some of these will be face to face, others will be condcuted online i.e. on Survey Monkey and the link would be posted on Facebook.

We would then probably get a focus group of people together who have watched ‘The Dark Knight’ and show them Adam West 1960’s ‘Batman’. We could get another focus group together too of people who have watched modern ‘Doctor Who’ and show them 1960’s ‘Doctor Who’ if we have time.

The face to face surveys and questionnaires could be done by either us reading the questions to the people and us writing the answers down or them reading the questions themselves and them writing the answers down.

At the end of the focus group showings, we will either give them some questions to answer, either written or verbal ones, or we will just ask them for their opinions on the show and film their reactions to it, as doing both might be a bit much.

All of this is to go towards audience research that will lead onto the bigger picture that is a more major project. This whole unit that I am blogging about on WordPress is actually segments of other units that we have just missed out and we are filling in the gaps, most of it being research.

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