Audience Attractions & Choices

You have to think very carefully about what attracts an audience and the choices you make when making a media product. First of all you have to think about genre. Is it just one genre or a combination of genres? Is it action, adventure, a soap, science-fiction, fantasy, drama, documentary, comedy, romance, rom com, horror, thriller or something different? You also have to think about style (meaning the sets, locations, clothing, costumes and the use of camera) You have to try and make sure the use of the camera makes most of the shots ultra crisp.

Other things that come into it include age groups, cameos by certain actors (usually famous ones to make more people watch the film or program, and it has a bit of text on screen stating ‘Starring…’ such and such people), parodies, spoofs, interpretation (because young people interpret things differently to older people), the demographics (graphs, tables, numbers), the language used (dubbing, subtitles, the sector and vesector). Coming into the sector and vesector is periodic vocabulary but also the modes of address that I was talking about in the previous post, with slang, swearing, formal and informal elements coming into it.

You need to have things that the audience can identify with, you need niche elements sometimes and also presenting the other i.e. the local hero!

Then of course you have story arcs (usually a running story that keeps on going for a whole series of a program, sometimes more than one series, or it could be a story that keeps on going over loads of films in a series, some story arcs come to an end eventually, whereas others never do, usually if they conclude they do it in an epic way that is unforgettable and usually unexpected).

Other things include directors (mostly famous ones including, Spielberg, Boyle, Lucas and Abrams), references to things from popular culture (‘Family Guy’ uses this a lot and makes up most of the content that is in each episode, they make reference to things such as ‘Star Wars’, ‘Doctor Who’, ‘Back to the Future’ and ‘Indiana Jones’), then you have real life situations that mostly appear in soaps more than any other genre, and finally you have content and context in which emotive language comes into it, and this makes the audience feel more emotional. Usually emotive language appeals more to females than it does males.


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