Comparison between two media products/programs: ‘Hollyoaks’ & ‘Doctor Who’

In a program such as ‘Doctor Who’, the language is mostly formal but it can be informal sometimes. In a program such as ‘Hollyoaks’ the language is mostly informal but can be formal sometimes. There is very little swearing in both programs (unless you count the late night spin off ‘Hollyoaks Later’). Slang isn’t used much in both programs, but it’s used more in ‘Hollyoaks’ than it is in ‘Doctor Who’.

Also target audience comes into it too. The target audience of ‘Hollyoaks’ is mostly teenagers. The target audience of ‘Doctor Who’ is mostly families, fans of the show, science-fiction, fantasy, drama, action and adventure fans. Also most of ‘Doctor Who’s’ audience are intellectual as the program itself is quite intelligent with the length of the words and sentences it uses and it’s fast paced nature, also it’s complicated and confusing plots, some of them everyone will understand, some of them no one will understand, and some of them only certain people will understand (mostly fans who have seen most episodes, even the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s ones). ‘Doctor Who’ is much more complicated and confusing nowadays than it used to be.

Obviously the channel it is broadcast on also comes into it too. ‘Hollyoaks’ is broadcast on Channel Four because Channel Four is a lot more informal than BBC One-which ‘Doctor Who’ is broadcast on. The BBC is still a bit formal nowadays but no where near as formal as it used to be. In the 60’s it was just stupidly posh, the guidelines were horrendous, nobody could get away with anything. Also the personalities and looks of the characters on ‘Hollyoaks’ is massively different to the personalities and looks of the characters on ‘Doctor Who’.

Ultimately, it’s which characters personalities and looks that you most like and you most identify with that reflect which program you watch, the characters that act like you and your friends and family the most. Also when people act weird and alien like The Doctor people find that appealing sometimes too as it’s something different to what they are used to and it gets them away from the normal environment of reality. If you, your friends and family are half way between the two you end up watching both programs (like me).

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