Qualitative Continued . . .

There are many ways to collect Qualitative  research, some examples:

  1. Again similar to ‘Quantitative’ the researchers can create questionnaires but the questions need to include features of why’s, would’s and how’s. This mean for most of the questions their needs to be an explanation or reason for choice, also the questionnaire would be created differently in order to find out more depth answers than just statistics. So instead of having tick boxes of just yes/no, T.V/film the answers could be multiple boxes and even other. With a questionnaire it will be linking to Quantitative research but as long as there is reasoning for the answers i.e. ‘What is you favorite film?’ then state a why. This will then turn it into Qualitative.
  2. Another way to find this type of research would be by creating focus groups. With groups like this the researcher can be interactive with the group and gather as much information from all their feedback, this is mainly linked when there is going to be a new product being distributed, i.e. film, show, merchandise etc. With focus groups they would use people within their target audience so they are working directly with their required audience, which should then give them great responses for research. Pilots often use focus groups to view the episode before it is distributed, then the responses will determine the fate of the show and whether the channel will air the rest of the series.
  3. Another way is to conduct interviews to have one to one conversations about a specific topic (questions), and get them to feed back with answers, but with interviews the interviewer can go into more depth about what answers they are after so the interviewee can answer how they want. This would be linking into answering with the why’s, would’s and how’s.

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