Update 1 on the Critical Approaches/Responses Unit

First of all one of our original ideas has slightly changed. Originally, we were just going to show focus groups 1960’s ‘Batman’ and ‘Doctor Who’, but now it appears that we might show them modern day ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Batman’ too. This is to get a larger comparison between the two as some people might forget some elements of the modern versions. Also we might show it to people who aren’t fans of them and/or people who have never seen them before. Probably most people will think they are rubbish before they watch them, but after they have watched them they will probably like them.

Quantitative research is statistics, decimals, percentages, numbers, views and likes amongst other things. It is the quantity of certain information i.e. on IMDB you can obtain information about what different people have rated different films, TV shows and video games in a sort of scoring system. Males seem to have rated ‘Spider-Man 2’ slightly higher than females, and this gives information about who the film appeals to more (being males, as they seem to like action more), but the females like the romance elements more between Mary Jane and Peter Parker. The reason the males have rated it higher than the females is because there are more action elements in the film than romance elements. Qualitative research is loads of words and big words (explaining things in a detailed and thorough way). It could also be repetition.

Mode of address is when something is formal or informal. Informal is using slang words and swearing (what mostly young people use). Adults tend to use formal language more, although there are quite a lot of exceptions. Posh and rich people tend to use formal language and big and large words. You have to think very carefully about how you select and construct content when you are creating a media product, and the codes and conventions too. My group will have to also think about all of these things during this project.


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