Audience Profiling

This is when the production team would look to finding out who their audience will be, so when conducting the research they will be looking for age, gender, sex, race, religions, hobbies, likes, dislikes etc. By doing this the production can then find out who their specific audience would be i.e. if they were creating a children’s show then they would be specifying the age of roughly 3-5 and looking to use bright bold colours within their show. Another example would be if a production was creating a new thriller on a leading channel, they would then look at previous similar shows (secondary research) to see who watched them, the shows target audience and then find out what that particular audience wants to or doesn’t want to see.

The research linked to this can be both Qualitative and Quantitative as the research can be both statistic (yes/no answers) and non statistic (why’s). This can then be conducted through interviews, questionnaires then when the product is almost ready they can create focus groups with the audience they will be appealing to, so the audience can watch either snippets, pilots or even go to view a pitch of the idea to see if the show would be going somewhere and appeal to them.

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