Target Audiences, Focus Groups & Update 2 on the Critical Approaches/Responses Unit

The target audience for Adam West 1960’s ‘Batman’ is families but it appeals more to kids than it does adults. It enjoyed a prime time slot in the USA during the 1960’s and it was repeated in UK in the 1970’s also at prime time. It lasted for three seasons. Not as much violence was allowed in the 60’s as it is n0w and that is why the decision was made to make ‘Batman’ have camp and comedic elements in it. It was originally intended to be a serious program back in the 60’s but over the years this has changed and nowadays it has sort of adopted the role of a sitcom. Another reason why it had camp and comedic elements in it was because of the target audience so the content in the show was fit for viewing and fit for purpose and the screen.

‘The Dark Knight Trilogy’ is targeted at mainly at teenagers aged 13-15 and adults aged 30-40 (as most of them followed the comics when they were younger and some get their friends or/and family to come along even if they didn’t read the comics). 16-20 year olds sometimes are attracted to it too, take me for instance, as I have watched, liked and enjoyed every film in this trilogy.

We have taken the decision to only show the focus groups short clips and/or trailers from ‘Batman’, ‘The Dark Knight’ and/or ‘Doctor Who’ as we don’t want people refusing to watch it because it is going on for too long. Also we will ask them to raise their hand as soon as they start getting bored.

One of the key assets of the creation of ‘Doctor Who’ was a focus group. ‘Doctor Who’ was originally invented to fill the gap between ‘Grandstand’ and another program. It’s ironic that ‘Doctor Who’ is still on our screens today and ‘Grandstand’ isn’t. The character Susan Foreman was originally added into ‘Doctor Who’ to appeal to teenagers. Carole Ann Ford who played Susan eventually quit the show due to the fact that she was fed up of tripping up and screaming all the time, especially in the story that she left in (‘The Dalek Invasion of Earth’). She claimed ‘Doctor Who’ ‘ruined her career’ before going back into stage acting and then eventually packing in acting altogether.

Ian Chesterton (played by William Russell) was created to be the action man. Nowadays, The Doctor himself has took on the role of the action man, but it was very different back in the 60’s when The Doctor had a body of an old man and his personality was very different. Barbara Wright (played by Jacqueline Hill) was invented to be the sex appeal to the dad’s, although this didn’t really work that well. It does work well nowadays though with characters such as Amy Pond (played by Karen Gillan), Rose Tyler (played by Billie Piper), Clara Oswin Oswald (played by Jenna-Louise Coleman) and Martha Jones (played by Freema Agyeman). They also got it right in the 70’s with characters like Leela (played by Louise Jameson), Sarah Jane Smith (played by Elisabeth Sladen), Jo Grant (played by Katy Manning) and Liz Shaw (played by Caroline John).

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