Audience research

The purpose of audience research is to find the target audience range for a particular product and to see if it will be suitable for the chosen audience by finding out the audience’s age, gender, ethnic origin, where they live, what sort of income they get and what sort of media do they use on a daily basis.

 There are several different methods to use when finding a target audience; some of these are using qualitative and quantitative research to find what the target audience should be for the product. Using quantitative research helps to find the data and ratings that similar products have and to help improve the product so more people will buy it. Using qualitative research can help by finding out the target audience’s opinions and views on what they think about the product idea and previous products that are similar.

 There are different sources of information that are used when researching the audience some of these are: reading reviews on similar products, looking on websites, reading newspapers and researching on blogs of what people have said on previous products and what they would like changed, improved or if they want something completely different. These results can then be combined into a questionnaire to see if results compare or if they differ and overall pin pointing what exactly the target audience are interested in seeing in the future.

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