Audience Research

Audience Research
When creating a product you need to make sure it will be succesful so research is undertaken into the audeince it’s aimed at and even those it’s not.  If the audeince want one thing and you produce the oposite it’s not likely to be a huge hit, understanding what they look for when it comes to entertainment can also vary between class, age and demographic.  The language used will differ depending on the audience to suit them along with the content being shown.  By conducting this research you can also gauge the likely success of the production by how many have an interest in the topics and themes being created.

Audience Data

This is the number of people that listen to radio channel or watch a television show.  ‘BARB’ is an online website that shows the viewing figures of television stations and their programs.  Surveys published on the internet could also help to find out more about the demographics of areas and the link to the channels and music listened to.

Audience Profiling

Discovering more about the target audience will help to convey the right message and maximize effectiveness.  A profile might include details like: age, gender, educational qualification, financial background, interests, work experience and religious views.  A survey will answer most of these questions and there are also sites online with the demographics of certain areas.


The characteristics of a population this is an effective way to build an audience profile to maximize marketing potential.  This information can be collected through surveys or via online publications from previous research.

YouTube, Facebook and IMDB are sites visited by thousands on a daily basis for information and trailers about the latest films and television shows.  These sites allow you to view audience demographics for the product and can determine where the largest audience is, their age and any other products they enjoy.  Synergy between elements the fan base enjoy can be incorporated, if many action film fans all ride motorcycles then including this as an element within the film can boost sales and its reputation.


This is very similar to demographic studding the characteristics of a population but by bringing the location and area into account it is a much more precise representation which will only be relevant to that area although it means that marketing to a specific audience in that area will become a lot easier.  This data can be achieved through the census produced and sent to every house.

Consumer Behavior

This is when, why, how and where people buy or do not buy a product.  This has many different levels and reasons for why people do what they do, impulse buys, clever marketing or the way the product works for the individual.  Surveys will tell you the rough information about peoples buying habits but observations will be needed as some of it is subconscious, like going to the shops for a chocolate bar and coming out with water and chewing gum.

Consumer Attitudes

Consumers have a likes and dislikes and when trying to market and product, by knowing their thoughts on a product it can be approached with a new light.  Mopeds are not seen to be a desired vehicle by adults because they are slow, noisy and not necessarily with a sleek design.  By addressing these concerns and advertising it in way that challenges these criticisms the attitude may change.  Surveys an focus groups allow the researcher to understand the consumer on a more personal level.

Audience Awareness

When producing a product it is important to keep referring back the audience research as this is not a product aimed at you, your producing it for an audience and so if it is going to succeed they will need to enjoy it.

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