Qualitative Audience Research

Qualitative Audience Research

Focus Groups

This can generate responses from a large group at one time.  Showing a mixed group of neutral individuals a production and recording their reactions whilst they view it can detect their emotions and reactions to the piece they may not realise they’re doing.  After viewing the production discussions can take place amongst the floor, observing what people thought of it, likes, dislikes and why.  The only issue with this is that in a group natural leaders form and others follow so some of the comments may not necessarily all be accurate in everyone’s opinion.


Surveys take much longer to gather information than a focus group however by having the questionnaire anonymous people are less likely to lie and put forward their true opinions.  One to one interviews in person can lead the subject to say what they think the interviewer wants to hear.

Reviews and Debates

After viewing the film or television show online reviews are posted on several sites giving their opinion, these can then be taken in by researchers building up what went wrong with the film and what went well.  Debates and fan conversations build online surrounding the film however these can be bias as the people posting usually are the fans.

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