Addressing the Audience with Mobile Applications

Addressing the Audience with Mobile Applications



What is it?

This is a mobile application that listens to a music track playing and can tell the user which artist it is and what the songs called.  It gives you all the information on the song just by listening to the melody for free, the way the app makes money is through the links it then provides.  After telling you what the song is it gives a few choices of where you can listen to and download track directly to your phone; companies will pay the ‘Shazam’ producers to have their link come up as a possible place to purchase the song.

‘Shazam’ has aimed to stay as neutral as possible between markets to gain the most users.  The colour used stands out on any phone and gives the app a uniform, the turquoise main colour is then surrounded with greys and whites.  These colours are easily noticeable for the user aiming to make the app as accessible as possible.

Simple use of colours keeps the app easy to use.  In keeping with the neutral tone the font is formal and easy to read at a decent size.  The clarity and size means the buttons are easy to see and use without having to fiddle about which can annoy anyone.  The way the titles are composed are simple so even young children can work their way around it, labeling everything simply with few words.  Young people listen to the latest tracks and want to keep to date so the app needs to load quickly and be ready to decipher the song being played.  The central logo is a button, which activates the app to listen for the song, creates subconscious brand awareness.  The colours and style is similar to ‘The Gadget Show’ logo associating itself with the tech-intrigued market, wanting to use the latest software.  Being such a big logo on the screen and the app loading up quickly its easy to use and gets results immediately giving a good reputation.  The app allows users to connect with friends to see what they like listening to when they use the app.  Being able to comment and see what others are up to connects people and appeals to younger generations using their phones to text and use social networking sites.

The application doesn’t actually feature any sounds however it does vibrate the phone when it has found out what song is playing.  This acts, as a little nudge to tell the user it’s been successful so you don’t have to watch the ‘Listening’ screen.

‘Shazam’ is very visual; as it has no sounds it communicates to the user through its display and movement.  When activated listening for music the icon pulses as a radar from the circles rotates visually showing that it’s searching for something.  If that wasn’t clear enough it also says ‘listening’.  Younger generations like instant results and can see the effect they are having on the application visually.  A block of writing stating that it was searching for music using advanced audio waveform algorithms would be boring, simply a visual gesture can be ready quickly and easily.

Technically the app takes the user from where the start to the screen the want in just one click keeping its actions simple to operate and not even needing a tutorial.  Tabs along the top can take you to different screens showing friends songs, previously searched and displaying the current top chart music.  Being able to do this so quickly appeals to the teenage market, no fuss just straight to the content they want.

images Shazam-android Unknown

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