Addressing the Audience Continued . . .

Pulp Fiction

This film was created with a target audience for males as the imagery (gangster style tough men, pretty women), is mixed with action, thriller, gangster, violence. These types of genres are generally the type men would go for, however with the leading stars, it can then bring in a mixed range of audiences as men can be watching to see Uma Thurman whilst women can be watching to see all the other tough men, John Travolta, Samuel L Jackson, Bruce Willis. From IMDB men mostly rated the film at 479,463, as women were only 77,566, so from that evidence it’s showing that men watched it more, and that the film is appealing to their target audience. Most of the votes were from the age gap of 18-29 years and mainly males. The film altogether from IMDB got a rating of 9 out of 10.


This series was created with the aim to reach males for their target audience, but as there are still rates from women it shows that women watched the show as well, this could have been because they were interested or they watch a few episodes with their partners and became more intrigued. On IMDB there are more responses from males as the male ratings have reached 59,186 and for women they have only reached 9,344. This is showing that both males and females do watch the show, but males do more as the show is more appealing to them with all the action packed features regarding the forceful fighting, explosions and story lines. The age gap of 18-29 were the most appealed age group as their most male ratings coming from this age gap. These series got a total rating of 8.4 on IMDB.

The Notebook

With the soft storyline and unfortunate but emotional ending, this film was aimed for females, but as there are a lot of couples that watch T.V together the production would expect the views to increase as men and women would be watching. On IMDB surprisingly there were more male’s responses (but this could be down to either more men using the site, or they actually love the film), as the male’s votes were reaching 100,446 as the females were only reaching 75,251 rates, but just like the others the main age group watching were 18-29 year olds and again most of them were males. The film overall got a rating of 7.9.

IMDB is a good site where all information about old, new and upcoming films/shows are displayed. Within this site it shows the rates from the audience, but also in selected films/shows the viewers can see some behind the scenes images, full list of crew and cast, synopsis of the film/show, ratings and more. By having a site like this can help independent film makers as they could look to other shows/films, for research if they are similar to what they are planning to make. IMDB is not an exact representation how many viewer watch films/shows, as mostly I can see that the main people rating are men from the ages of 18-29, this is showing that it’s the younger generation that use the site more, but also its not a true representation as there are far more people who watch films and T.V but do not own an IMDB account who then cannot rate what they are watching. However as there are still a fair few people who do rate we can grasp an idea on what type of people (basing only on gender and ages). Also you can only rate what you know, so the rates should be genuine which means that the amount of rates is linked to the amount of views.

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