Reaching the Audience

Looking at the rates, comments, complaints and even the profit will help the producer establish if their film/show has appealed to their audience and done well. By knowing this information the producer can then see what they can improve or remove if there were any complaints, but also with the feedback they would know what do use if ever they were to either carry on with the series, or make a sequel. The rates are to determine what the viewers though of the end product, but this can also base on the amount of views, (raters would need to see the product before rating). The comments i.e. good or bad, can help the producer if, thinking about updating or creating more products and the complaints will show what didn’t go so well, or if it offended anyone.

If the product ends up getting more complaints than views/rates then the producer would know that they wasn’t appealing to the right audience but if they had high rates, good feedback and was making good profit, due to sales within cinemas and purchases of DVDs then they would be aiming at their target audience and reaching them.

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