Some Useful Links About Media & Media Theories

This link goes into how media effects the body image and examines media exposure in the broader context of internal and other social factors:

This link goes into theories of media exposure and impact and how media can be distorted. It also goes back to the mass media and mass audiences that I was talking about on a previous post, but specially analysing the effects of the mass media on teens and youth this time. Also it goes into what media products are fair and which ones are not, and people’s different opinions on what they think is fair. It then goes into when people imitate things and impact this has on people as well as talking about how some people see a different image of themselves in a mirror to how they actually look in reality i.e.¬†anorexic¬†people thinking they are too fat when they are actually too thin. People make jokes about it like it’s looking at yourself in a fun house mirror and you look distorted, and it questions do actually people see themselves like this in reality? It then goes into how certain people are too busy blogging to have time to socialise and have friends and it even uses the quote ‘Who needs friends when you can blog?’

Finally, it states ‘New silent generation… not so silent’ which means that some people are finally starting to put down their phones, stop using laptops and computers so much, and/or stop watching too much TV and they are finally starting to speak up and do other things. The ironic thing was the TV shows, films and/or video games they were playing and/or watching had quite noisy content in them. People are starting to become less idle and talk to more people rather than ignoring them, including people they do know and people they don’t know (strangers):

This link goes into uses and gratification, the social learning theory and other theories of media exposure. It explains how people are bombarded with different media products all the time on a daily basis nowadays and the fact that you can’t escape it even if you wanted to. The specific theories go into how in today’s society every individual is bombarded with different types of media. The decision making process has been studied and debated by many people which have led to the theories of media exposure:

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