Feedback, Secondary Research

On Facebook, you can create adverts to be campaigned within the social networking site, this means that companies can go onto the site to set up the advert, but they can narrow down their audience for their advert by selecting the country, ages, the type of likes the audience had selected i.e. Music, Movies, Games etc, this will then allow the advert to appear on the selected audience pages. The company would also be able to see how many users on Facebook would fit into the company’s category.

For my secondary research, I used the advert section and took advantage of the tools to get all the information I was looking for:

  • I selected the country (UK), which gave me  – 31,130,260 people
  • Then narrowing it down I changed the age to 16-19 years which gave me  – 8,917,420 people
  • The to define the number even more I selected categories – Movie and Film – all films, Music – all music and Game – console games this then gave me 7,013,980
  • But as I am looking for students who live in Bridgwater I changed from county to city, which then gave me – 5,680 people
  • But to add a little extra to the research I added in people who also go to Bridgwater College, which then gave me – 320 people.

By doing secondary research I get to have access to previous research that has already been conducted means that I can save time and can quickly find all the relative information to help the product, but also it will help when it comes to creating our own research as we use the previous research for inspiration, but also with the sire like Facebook and the advert page means that we can easily locate the whereabouts of our target audience but also the amount that we could potentially be targeting.


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