Identifying An Audience for the Blog

Identifying An Audience for the Blog


Using Facebook as the marketing tool it is you can determine the number of people with the same interests, using these filters you can narrow down and audience.  Using the Facebook tools I plan to identify a potential audience for the blog filtering through 16-19 year olds with an interest in media.


The search filters take information form Facebook users accounts, when they ‘Like’ an item, product or person this is all research data that can be used later.  Facebook acts like as a huge census gathering data from all users.

–       Age 16 – 19

–       Console Games

–       TV entertainment

–       Films

–       Music

There are 7,114,140 people in the UK with interests in these subjects and so will have an interest in the subjects being brought up on the blog.  From this number 5,720 people are from Bridgwater, which should allow them to relate to some of the examples easier.


The blog is targeting these people, as they are likely to still be in education and have an active interest in media.  The blog sets out to explain things simply and easily, doing the research so the readers don’t have to.

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