In a small group, we came up with an idea of a questionnaire that would target teenagers aged 16-19 in a humorous way as it would appeal more to that age group. Together we came up with a series of questions that would find out the viewing habits of teenagers, while at the same time keeping them interested in the questionnaire that they are completing. When we had all came up with some questions, a couple of us edited the questions and answers to keep them relevant to the topic, and then went on to creating a video for the survey, to accompany the physical version. We had someone do a voice over of the questions in an over the top way. We then searched the Internet for pictures to add to the voice over, so we had a visual aspect to the video. When it was edited and done, we created a QR code for it which we put on the questionnaire so that whoever is taking it has the choice to watch it or not. We then handed the questionnaire out and upon receiving the completed ones, we set about tallying up the answers and recording them.

This is the video we did to accompany the questionnaire –

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