The Questionnaire Results

The Questionnaire Results


Most Popular Answers:

Body modifications None
Height of Jeans Around the waist
Own tumblr account Yes
Use of social networking sites Lots
Time on social networking sites Until bored
Favourite Genre Comedy
Time spent watching TV 1-4 hours
Change profile pictures Occasionally
See someone drop their wallet Pick it up and give it back to them
How often do you drink Once in a while
Use of YouTube Many Things
Use of electricity Charge all devices and have it all active at once
What to do with no internet at home Go out side
Items to take to a desert island Matches and food

Audience Info:

Gender Male 15
  Female 16
Age 16 4
  17 13
  18 6
  19 4
  Other 4
Ethnicity White/British 26
  Asian 1
  Other 4
Transportation Walking 7
  Car 7
  Motorcycle 0
  Bus 7
  Mixture 10
Use of QR code Yes 4
  No 20
  N/A 7

The blog should be appealing to the target audience and having the information directly from the source should sculpt the posts included to engage them.  The layout of the blog should resemble and be as easy as popular social networking sites as these are used a lot with the audience and so know their way around them, feeling comfortable with the layout.  Comedy is a popular choice in drawing in the audience along with the hours of television watched a week.  Current topics seen on TV placed in a humorous light helping will help to explain media practise and the manipulation producers actually have over programmes.  This should engage with the audience much better.

The questionnaire worked well with a diversity of people to build an audience profile for the blog.  The questions being humorous worked well, observations of people filling it out survey showed them laughing at certain answers.  The most common was to the Internet question if it stopped working at home – lie on the floor, tries not to cry, cries a lot.  The comedy aspect may however have influenced some people’s answers, as they too wanted to have a laugh by choosing the abstract answers creating an anomaly in the results.  Taking a large number of responses could determine the average response so the majority of the audience can now become the main target for the blog.

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