Market Research

Market research is when you collects information from the public to see what product or genre they like the most, this could be a genre or style of a film like the vampire genre and zombie genre. In the last few years the vampire genre was rebooted for a young female audience, this started with the film Twilight which was a very successful and created a strong fan base. Other films that followed after like Stake Land and We Are the Night, which take the similar style of teen adventure with romance which would then get an already established fan base to watch the film.

Market research is carried through researchers analysing trends in the market this is done the TV shows, films and video games. Researchers for films would then look at the market sales of what genre are the most popular, so for example action and fantasy is popular with the Hobbit film and the new Star Trek films been released. As a new film Jack the Giant Slayer has a lot of references from  Lord of the Rings with the siege battle scenes.

After showing people a film and identifying the flaws, you then need to change them and then keep on showing the film until the large majority of the audience will like the product. The with the statistic you can see what sort of people like the film or shows so teenagers who attend university may prefer a documentary unlike teenagers who aren’t in higher education. After this should be easy to target the audience by identifying their geodemographical  locations, the product would then be targeted at the audience through advertisement from the regional  TV station. An example is that there are more cider ads in South West and East of the country due to popularity of the drink, as in Somerset there are 25 different cider producing companies. (This explains the definition of Market Research)

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