Trailers Targeted At Specific Audiences


Produced, as the main marketing tool selling the film, the two to three minutes needs to summarise the film and entice audiences to watch it.  To capture the audience the content, pace, music and techniques will all need to work together displaying the best of the film, making people excited about it!

Iron Man 3

This is obviously the trailer for the third Iron Man film so a fan base will already exist so as well as bringing them back for the new film they want to attract new fans to the franchise.

The films is classed as an action/adventure/sci-fi film and so these elements need to feature in the trailer classifying the films so audiences have an idea of the over all theme.


The rough narrative if the film is shown throughout the trailer giving the basis of the film to the viewer leaving them intrigued to how it will conclude.  A mixture of voice overs and speech play over scene extracts visually displaying what is said, the visuals are in time with the dramatic music being played amplifying the pace.  Being an action film about a superhero billionaire, the expectation is to see him in action. The trailer delivers this, showing explosions and adrenaline filled action as the target audience enjoy.

What happens in the trailer, a rough narrative to intrigue the audience.

Prologue – Problem – Bad guys/attacks – helpless – What will the hero do? – Suit up ready to fight – Release date – Hero struggles – Hero fights – Courage – Title – Back up

Dramatic intense music throughout fits the genre and grabs your attention.  A deliberate point is made to show the terrorists in dark shadow and keep the hero in the light, metaphorical to their position.  Cinematic beats occur during the cut from action to the title, bringing it to your attention.  The titles are 3D in the hero colours (red/silver) and enlarge getting closer to the screen, coming towards you really make the words prominent.  Using the hero colours is a subtle way to brand the text as a symbol for the Iron Man suit.

Superhero films have become much darker in recent years initially noticed within the Dark Knight franchise.  Television news shows a more violent view of the world that audiences have become more accustomed to, showing a more realistic form of justice.  When Adam West stared as Batman punches and violence were avoided by showing a ‘pow’ cartoon sign over the impact, todays action genre audience enjoys the gritty action and courage to fight for a good cause which Iron Man demonstrates.  To take the audience into the action very detailed animation techniques were used creating the Iron Man suit.  Taking the audience on the superhero experience includes them in the action, feeling like the hero this also affects game sales where audiences can play as the character controlling the action.  Animation allows the characters to do so much more than is possible in reality taking you to another world of power.

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