Violence within video-games. -AuraNova-

Introduction and briefing

Hi there guys, i’m AuraNova. I’m currently a Bridgwater college student, and as part of the Audience research and critical responses unit, i have chosen to take a slightly different task which will cover things with more of the specifics. Briefly, the topic discusses the implementations of video games and how emotions (Specifically violence) can be brought from the virtual world and affect our day to day behaviour. Whilst this topic will discuss a wide variety of genres and play-styles of games, it will eventually focus on Action/Adventure games.

Firstly, before we even go anywhere near video games, lets start at the roots of emotion.

What is emotion?


Quoted from Wikipedia, ‘In psychology, philosophy, and their many subsets, emotion is the generic term for subjective, conscious experience that is characterised primarily by psychophysiological expressions, biological reactions, and mental states.’ In lame-mans terms, Emotion is something that we ourselves feel based on our Conscience that is changed day to day by a limitless amount of factors. Putting it bluntly, the environment and its inhabitants, as well as the person and their own actions are all major parts in inflicting emotion in themselves or one another. If i was to go tell someone they smelled pretty bad, that’d most like likely have some kind of emotional implementation upon both myself and the person i am referring to. However;emotion is not only a mental feeling, but can also manifest into limitless physical ways, from slight facial expressions to even the deadliest of terrorist attacks – all from emotion. So lets quickly pop into Emotion in a bit more detail and look at some real world examples. Religion is emotion and is ALL opinionated. When it comes to religious followers, there are no rights or wrongs (People handle religions teachings in their own way, meaning that 100% of religion is NOT Flawless) and people can take it to extreme measures, or simply not care at all. Religious followers may take it upon themselves to find the negatives within other religions or even just society itself, and form protests or a number of other passive aggressive form of debate, whilst others may seek to find the bad things in society which they can change by doing good deeds. Many of these good deeds could include the homeless support that many religious groups set up in order to spread the word of their religion, or might even just do it because they feel it is their calling. What does this have to do with emotion? When it comes to as something as broad and undefined as religion, people pretty much can do what they wish to help towards their belief in their own way, and thus, their actions are fuelled by their emotions to do something right(in their opinion.)


One of the most historically iconic photographs, a dying child makes her way to a UN food camp 1 kilometre away. The vulture simply waiting for his meal.

Stress not! If you aren’t particularly sure on why this has been mentioned, all of this will be reflected upon in the next post (Which will be made later)

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