Brief Trailer Breakdown – Kick-Ass 2

The trailer is designed to excite and draw in the potential audience, by using quick cuts, quick-paced and intense music that builds throughout. The clips that are used in the trailer not only serve to give a taste of what the film offers, but they are also used as the dialogue is quick, humorous and catches the viewers interest. When all these elements are put together, the trailer created will capture the audience’s attention. This is typical for films of the action genre, as it encapsulates the whole theme of the film into one trailer that will make people sit up and take notice

In a way, the trailer is a mini film, as it shows the hero training, re-introducing the main characters as it is a sequel, showing them going about their business, introducing new central characters, bringing in the main plot point as well as the films villain, problems that arise for the protagonists, them overcoming the problems, and facing the villain before the trailer ends. Even though it shows the main points of the film, it still retains information from the audience on purpose, when regarding important plot points, such as certain locations. Again, it draws them in and encourages them to go watch the film when it is released.

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