Evil Dead 1981 VS Evil Dead 2013 (Trailers)

As this film is created as a remake from the original Evil Dead that was created in 1981, the producer can then look for all the research based on that film as well, i.e. within questionnaires they could ask what worked well or didn’t, in the old film, to help improve theirs (unless they have to stick to the original story).

They can do this by looking on sites such as IMDB and YouTube where they can see rates/votes but also comments how many people liked it and others who did not approve of it.

Evil Dead 1981

IMDB: Overall rating of 7.6/10. More males had rated the film with ratings of – 59,440, this film back then would have been more suitable for men as this film would have been created with the thought that men would want to watch it with the slight action and the gore, but women have also rated showing they have a keen interest as well with a rating of – 6,660 rates. The only problem with this is that when the film was created IMDB did not exist so viewers couldn’t rate, back then, which means that there is a big time gap where more people who may have watched the film and wanted to rate couldn’t. The film appealed more to the younger generation as more 18-19 year olds rated/watched it.


Reaching views of 2,641,595 and 2,749 likes and 235 dislikes this trailer has become increasingly popular since the trailer of the remake had been distributed. This video was posted on the 10th of March in 2011 with the intension of making people remember the original film, so they can then almost start a debate for when the new one becomes released, with comments about which one they prefer.

Everyone who claims that the remake is better is either 13 years old or has never seen a horror movie before. The original was made by amateur film makers but is scarier than the million dollar production made by a huge professional film crew”

“I think its a case of less is more, that’s why I choose the original over the remake, but the remake is still ok.”

(Both comments from YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtsK7skqk9U)

Evil Dead 2013

IMDB: There is an overall rating of 7.0/10. Similar to the original there is still more rates from males than females, but this time IMDB is around for all to rate, which is suggesting that the film may be aimed more for males as the male rates stand at 14,166 whilst the females are only 2,430. Again the highest rates were from the ages of 18-29 years.

The 2013 rates is only a fraction compared to the 1981 rates, could this be that the film has only come out this April and as it’s only May there are more people wanting to watch but just hasn’t had the chance yet, or are people still yearning onto the original and doesn’t watch the remake?

YouTube: 3,117,710 views and still growing with 5,348 likes and 630 dislikes. On YouTube there are more responses for the 2013 trailer then the 1981, is this because of the more uses people can have with their devices, or is it because the need for wanting to watch and check out the new releases to see what they are, to make them become the next gossip within social groups.

As this film is a newly released remake of one of the originals people wanted to compare both copies to see which is going to be the best, discussing whether they should have developed the film and remade it or completely created something new. With the amount of views I believe it’s from word of mouth and as people now have more devices with them at all times that are capable of internet use, that many would just simply watch the trailer as it would have been the one of the new up coming films – a must see.

From what I can see there are not a lot of positive comments basing on the viewers watching the new trailer, but as I can see there are far more likes which shows that there is a possibility that people who may have liked the trailer may not have added their own comment.

Also by doing some research I have came across some home reactions that people have filmed whilst they watched the new trailer:

Reactions to the trailer



As I researched, I could see that there were a lot of videos linked within this topic, so I choose the ones I felt represented them all best, but were also well mannered, as most of the others held obscene language.

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