Iron Man 3 Demographics

Iron Man 3 Demographics



The most popular audience for the film is 18 -29 year old males giving 41,599 votes towards the subject.  The next most popular is males aged 30- 44 with 17,735.  The film draws fewer fans after the age of 45 and very little females under the age of 18, there are still around 2000 males in the under 18 age category but this low number could be related to the age rating of the film.  Being a 12A only leaves a six-year age gap for viewers in the bracket rather than the 11 years for the ‘most popular’ audience for the film according to the statistics.  The number of users in each age group will also have to be taken into account.  Surprisingly though the female voters under 18 gave the highest rating for the film despite being the second lowest category to view it.

YouTube Trailer

Iron Man 3 Trailer



The top demographics for people viewing the trailer are males aged 35 – 44.  Within the comments viewers have related the film to other recent action hero films – The Dark Knight, Green Lantern, Ghost Rider.  This suggests that the film is not only aiming for an action genre audience but targeting those having watched other superhero films.  The USP of a superhero film is their powers and seeing them in action, this would give reason to show the Iron Man suit in action using a variety of powers to attract this audience.

Iron Man Season 2 – Episode 10

This is section from the cartoon version of Iron Man released in 1996 has a top demographic audience of males ages 35 – 44.  This is the same as that of the new Iron Man feature, the character and his powers being shown off appears to be a huge hook in drawing in the audience.


Influenced from the IMDB and YouTube research, I used Facebook to find how many 18 – 29 year olds ‘Like’ Iron Man 3.  59,540 males in the UK and 16,580 female which ties in with the other statistics defining this age group as the target market.  Only 22,360 males and 9,400 females have ‘Liked’ it demonstrating the decrease in the number of older fans, although the number of older members of Facebook will have to be taken into account.

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