Trailers – Evil Dead!

Trailers are created to promote the films to give their target audience a taster on what’s to come. Within trailers the producer can choose to add as much or as little as they like, some trailers are created to throw the audience, i.e. in ‘The Perfect Getaway”, this trailer is created to throw the audience into thinking that it’s a different couple that kills people so when they watch the film they will then realise it was the other couple, (shock factor). Trailers overall are created to grasp the audiences attention to make them want to go and watch the film, then leading to the film making profits with all the cinema, DVD/Blu-Rays and download sales.

Evil Dead:

This trailer is created to promote the film, but as this is a remake the target for the audience would be wider as people who may have seen the older version may become intrigued and want to see how this one turns out. The trailer would be used to give the audience a sneak preview of what’s to come, so if the audience likes to see gory, freaky looking people then this is one trailer to see!

Being a unique trailer it doesn’t start with a typical young adult life, where a group of young adults would pack simple belongings all happily smiley then getting into a van, car, campervan and drive away to go on a vacation i.e. in ‘The Cabin In the Woods’, the beginning of the trailer starts off with the character all happy smiley and packing their belongings into a caravan with the driver shouting “Everybody Ready” with then a “Whoop” from another member in their group, suggesting they are having a good time. No, Evil Dead starts with the middle then introduces the beginning occurrences as evidence (showing why the female is shell shocked) then the finale with the extreme ending.

The Trailer beings with one of the female characters (who ends up turning evil) with her curled up looking scared speaking to one of her friends, as she is whispering about all the evil within their location i.e. “you have to get me out of here” once this is spoken the book is revealed, as the guy who tares the package apart reads out loud a passage – “leave this book alone” in a questionable but sarcastic tone, which will then draw in the audience as they will be intrigued into what it holds, but also is it something to laugh at? Going back to the beginning female she carries on talking, but whilst she talks there are quick snippets of the film cutting together as the cuts match with the tone and pressure of the music, also with what she is saying, is being used as a voice over, playing over cuts of the film.

Screen shot 2013-05-17 at 09.21.48Screen shot 2013-05-17 at 09.22.23

At one point there is an extreme close up of the female talking to the male character with shots intercutting between one another for example the shot starts with her talking to the male, then cutting to the outside location in the woods, then back to the female and again back to the outside woods etc. But as the outside shots are seen the viewer would be able to notice that something within the woods is getting closer, as the shots outside are progressively tracking towards the house in a fast motion then when it reaches the front of house the shots then become more gruesome, fast paced and the music beats faster.

Screen shot 2013-05-17 at 09.24.14Screen shot 2013-05-17 at 09.24.08Screen shot 2013-05-17 at 09.24.53

What’s similar about other trailers though is that this trailer includes written text, which is always displayed over a black background, but when they appear on screen the words jump in with the beat of the tone.

Screen shot 2013-05-17 at 09.22.51

At the end of the trailer the audience would believe the trailer is finished, because as the freaky female is singing, her voice gets soft then when she finishes her song “time to go to sleep” so by the time she gets to sleep, she’s silently whispering then the shot cuts to nothing. But then there is a small extra feature with a longer snippet of the film, showing more gory content.

The contents of this trailer should appeal to horror seekers, as the shots are fast paced so they can take in more information at once, but what’s included will be the aspects the audience will be looking for i.e. the gore, the blood, the story, and the book!

The trailer is a snippet of the film, and the film itself will only appeal to specific audiences (their target audience), this means that the production creating this film need to be aware on who they are aiming at and how they can make it happen. This can be done by the producers doing some of their own primary and secondary research, primary would be them creating questionnaires, surveys, interviews to be given first hand feedback, then for secondary they would be looking at previous films created within a similar genre and see what went well with the film by looking at the ratings, comments and even the complaints (so they can see how they can make their film better and more appealing).

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