Trials and Tests – Audience Feedback

Audience Feedback


Trials and Tests

Before a product is distributed to the mass market it can be tested on a group to determine its success.  ‘The Big Bang Theory’ like many shows produced an unaired pilot; this is the first episode of the show, which is then shown to a focus group for feedback.

This could be done before the show has been granted full funding and so with a good response the entire series could get commissioned.  Another reason is to test what works, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ producers originally cast Amanda Walsh to play the neighbor character ‘Katie’.  This role and character were changed slightly; recasting then took place introducing Kaley Cuoco as the new neighbor.  As a result of the initial test screening a new pilot episode was made and ‘The Big Bang Theory’ has become a popular show around the globe.

the big bang theory


Trialing mobile applications is even more important as the team designing it will of course know how to work it, but will the audience?  A diverse group of people will use the application while being observed to see if any elements were confusing or hard to use.  The way the users instinctively navigate the app will also be watched closely and then with all this data any alterations can be made before distribution.  The group that tested the application will then be asked for feedback, this could be in the form of a questionnaire to see what they really thought about the app and any improvements they would like to see.

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