Body Image (Physical Beauty) & Intelligence

The media seems to focus on body image and physical beauty more than it does intelligence. It also seems to promote it more too. It is surprising then that a program like ‘Doctor Who’ has lasted so long (50 years), as this program focuses more on intelligence than body image. However, it is not surprising that a program like ‘Hollyoaks’ has lasted so long as that focuses more on body image than it does intelligence.

Characters such as Calvin Valentine who was killed off in ‘Hollyoaks’ were more about the body image. New characters that have been introduced recently, such as Sienna Blake, are not more about the intelligence than they are physical beauty, but the intelligence and the physical beauty are almost of equal importance with characters like her.

‘Hollyoaks’ have had calendars over the years that are all about body image, whereas ‘Doctor Who’ has had calendars over the years that are not really about intelligence or body image, just fandom and fan culture.

With the decrease in ‘Hollyoaks’ budget and profit they have not been able to release or make a calendar this year. ‘Doctor Who’ has seen an advantage and a gap in the market because of this and has made and released a ‘Who Girls’ calendar which features female ‘Doctor Who’ companions in sexy poses. However, because it is just girls from the classic series in this calendar, this will decrease sales as there are no girls from the new series in it and some people might not know who certain companions are from the classic series if they have never seen episodes with them in.

Even though people may like The Doctor’s and companions for different reasons (from both the new series and the classic series) there is a big chance that most of the time people’s most favourite Doctors and companions can come down to the fact of who they fancy the most. It is a pivital and narrow minded way of looking at it but it could be bordering on the truth there.

David Tennant and Matt Smith are two of the the most popular doctors and many females fancy them (say no more). However, Tom Baker is the anomaly in this as not many females fancied him back in the 1970’s and they still don’t now because he’s quite old now. This is because he was the longest-running doctor and many people see him as the genuine article of what and who The Doctor is and what he should look and act like i.e. comedic sometimes and dark other times. It’s the iconic image of him with his scarf that win people over and his child like qualities and that cheeky smile.

With The Doctor’s companions many people see Karen Gillan (Amy Pond), Billie Piper (Rose Tyler), Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones) and Jenna-Louise Coleman (Clara Oswin Oswald) (the new series companions) as being a lot more sexier than classic series companions. I can see why they would think that now that the classic series companions are a lot older but they even think that when the classic series companions were younger the new series companions are still a lot sexier for some odd reason. Whether it’s anything to do with Karen Gillan’s character Amy Pond being a kissogram in the actual show I don’t know as it adds an element of suggestion and lust to it. However, Catherine Tate’s Donna Noble character was the anomaly in this as she was more about the comedy rather than the body image.

To sum up the whole ‘Doctor Who’ argument, the character of The Doctor is supposed to be about intelligence, comedy, darkness and general cleverness all roled into one, he’s supposed to be wonderful, but it seems the program makers have lost sight of this in recent times, as it seems all most females are seeing when they look at Tennant and Smith’s Doctors is ‘oh he looks fit’ or ‘oh he is so hot’, they don’t see his intelligence, cleverness, comedy or darkness.

In ‘Hollyoaks’ there was even a storyline when character Maddie Morrison (Scarlett Bowman) bullies and be’s really nasty to Esther Bloom (Jasmine Franks) and she get’s away with it because Maddie is really sexy and Esther isn’t as much. It’s like the characters in the show just ignored the fact that she was really nasty to Esther just because Maddie was sexy. What are we saying that sexy people can get away with being nasty now? I don’t think so. Esther even tried to commit suicide because of what Maddie had started and instigated, as Maddie made her friends (Sinead and Ruby) bully Esther before and after Maddie’s death during the bus crash storyline. Sinead and Ruby are quite sexy too. Maddie pasted off all of Esther’s bullying as ‘a laugh’ and a ‘bit of fun’ until her friend Tilly found out just before Maddie died.

With ‘Hollyoaks’ products it seems they aren’t just interested in how people look, but also with how they smell, as they have a range of shower gel’s and frangrances for both men and women on the market. They also sometimes recommend clothes that members of the public can wear that is similar or exactly the same as what the cast members wear i.e. on their music show website they have a section called Style File which also has a quote from cast member Jorgie Porter Make sure you’ve got your wellies for this summer’s festivals.

This is basically them telling young people what events they think they should be going to without actually using those words so they are very discreet about it:

Hollyoaks_Doctor Who Intelligence Body Image

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