Audience Profile – Iron Man 3

Audience Profile – Iron Man 3


Following the research into the audience for Iron Man 3, an audience profile can be created giving an idea of what the fans enjoy.  First hand and secondary research enforce each other generating the content required.  The focus group viewing the trailer was small and even with different ages, gender and likes amongst the group there wasn’t enough diversity to make an accurate decision.  So basing the data from the focus group and that found online a pattern of audiences likes appeared.



The majority audience age range is from 18 – 34; the younger members of this group enjoy the powerful music and fight scenes.  Where the older audience may enjoy these elements too many fans grew up with the comics and cartoons and so they can experience the film in a different way having already established the characters.


Those that enjoy the film have hobbies that relate into the film – creative projects (photography/art etc.) and watching TV and films.  The film uses similar themes seen in other hero films, which the audiences tend to watch as well.  There are more male fans of the film than female, roughly a ratio of 4:1. Women within the film are not a specific desire being portrayed as objects, but would like them to have a more personal role within the story. The elements within the trailer have to reflect what the audience wants from the film, the audience don’t stick to one specific genre of film but have around 3 genres they would class as their ‘favorite’.  Comedy, horror and action were popular choices which ties into the trailer showing dark scenes for the terrorists with scary voice-overs, action explosions and fight scenes and then the end is light hearted when a ton of Iron Man suits arriving to save the day.


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