Evil Dead Questionnaire and . . . The Feedback!

Age: 16-20 = 11       20-30 = 2       30+ = 3

Gender: Male = 9     Female = 7

Ethnic Origin: White British = 14   Chinese = 1 Other  =1

Q1. Do you watch trailers before you watch a film?

Yes =16                     No

Q2. What was the last trailer you watched?

  • Anchorman 2 – x3
  • The Hangover Part 3
  • Man of Steel – x3
  • Agents of Shield
  • Kick Ass 2
  • Pacific Rim
  • Evil Dead – x2
  • Fast and furious 6
  • Mama
  • The Purge
  • Gravity

Whilst I was giving out the questionnaires I noticed that two members only put Evil Dead as they had just watched it, so the Evil Dead answers are not a good representation as an answer. For future reference I understand, that the questions should be clearer, however as 8 out of 10 people understood the question, I believe that it was still a good set question.

Q3. Do you regularly watch trailers?

Yes = 14                    No = 2


  • Because they are interesting
  • I watch movies so it comes hand in hand
  • To see what new films are coming out x7
  • To keep up to date
  • To see if the film is good or not x3
  • Mainly because someone has recommended a film

Q4. Do you think trailers are beneficial? I.e. if there weren’t any trailers, do you think you would still consider watching a film, if there was no access to seeing snippets of the film?

Yes = 13                    No = 3

Q5. Do you like to watch Horror featured films?

Yes = 13                    No = 3

Q6. Do you think Horror’s should be more based around story line than gore?

Yes = 13                    No = 3

Q7. Do you think Horrors today have changed from the way they used to be?

Yes = 15                    No = 1

Why Yes,

  • There’s more story
  • Better CGI
  • Today they focus more on gore and jump scenes, or they build up tension that has poor releases
  • More stomach churning, tense music, better use of costume/make-up, effects and editing
  • There is not much gore now
  • Nowadays the horrors are more about the shock factor
  • Original storylines, default in shock factor
  • More scarier
  • Too much real violence
  • They become too predictable x3
  • They are more updated
  • They are not a intense as they used to be

Why No,

  • The underlining theme and the concept have not changed

Q8. Do you think that producers creating remakes are good ideas, (i.e. Evil Dead)?

Yes = 12                    No = 4 (5)

One person had selected both yes and no, and gave the reason that ‘some should and others should never be touched’.

Q9. Do you think that the Horror genre is quite repetitive?

Yes = 15                    No = 1

Why Yes,

  • The same thing happens In every film x7
  • Too many bad sequels
  • Underlying theme
  • It’s too much about gore
  • It sells
  • Become unpredictable
  • Not a range of storylines x3

Why No,

  • More ideas of new ways to frighten, are constantly being created

Q10. What aspect would you like to see more of, within Horror’s? (I.e. Gore, Action, Story)

Story x7

  • It immerses you in it’s world; makes the story more believable
  • More atmosphere, more effective
  • Story is the most important thing x2
  • I feel that horrors today lack story
  • Makes it less repetitive
  • You can get a better picture other than just having gory aspects (zombies)

Nice balance of gore and the story

  • Because you’ll get a better understanding

Comedy x2

  • Distract from scares
  • Not as scary

Story/history/action/gore all rolled into one

  • To make it more interesting

Story and relief moments

  • To add a better chill and meaning to the horror film

Story/Psychological/horror and tension

  • Emotional involvement, empathy is for more effects for gore

True Story/originality x2

  • More realistic x2

Intense camera angles

  • Horror has gotten too soppy

Q11. What is it about Horrors that best appeals to you?

  • The fright and that it’s always a fun experience watching them (social circle)
  • Iconic – Scary characters i.e. Freddy Crouger
  • Monsters
  • They are classic
  • The story and believability
  • You can’t look away, you must see what the outcome is
  • Good storyline, that plays with your mind
  • I like being scared, it’s a world away from reality
  • The rush of the shock
  • I don’t like them
  • Catharsis
  • Anticipation
  • Suspense
  • Plot twists
  • Surprise factor
  • Story with body horror, it’s something you don’t want to do in life but rather fantasies

Q12. Have you seen the trailer for Evil Dead the remake?

Yes = 14                    No = 2

Q13. Have you seen the trailer for the original Evil Dead?

Yes = 6                      No = 10

Which one best appeals to you (if both answers were yes) ……………………


I later realised a glitch in the questionnaire that not a lot of people have seen the original trailer, so I had to ask them to watch the both trailers so then they could compare and jot down which one they liked best in the end:

Evil Dead 1981 got 3 votes for being the best

Evil Dead 2013 got 10 votes for being the best

There was also one person who voted for both trailers.

Also one person added that they didn’t like any of the trailers, and again someone else hadn’t watched the new Evil Dead trailer at all, (and I didn’t ask them as they were busy). As people were watching the trailer I also jotted down some notes of their reactions for example one person whilst watching the original trailer muttered “just disgusting”, whilst another was watching the remake and was pulling away from the screen leaning back “ohh God that’s creepy”.  This is showing that it depends who is watching the trailers, because one person could find the original scary and others could find it funny but be scared of the remake.

Altogether going over my questionnaire I can see that trailers are adapting more into people’s lives, they are not only created to promote a film, but they are also used for social circles. (When someone is watching a trailer more people will crowd around wondering what they are watching, which can then lead to social discussion).

Altogether going over my questionnaire I can see that trailers are adapting more into people’s lives, they are not only created to promote a film, but they are also used for social circles. (When someone is watching a trailer more people will crowd around wondering what they are watching, which can then lead to social discussion).

The answers all vary as some people want to see more gore, others may want to dial down the gore and add in more of a suitable storyline. This is showing that the audience for the horror genre is quick specific, but it can be the same as anything, one person could like something, as another can like something else. I can see that in this case, even in a small percentage horrors can be rather appealing to quite a few people.

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