Audiences for media products – Mulan



Mulan is an action packed Disney reimagining of a historical event, we follow a girl (Mulan) who sets out on an adventure in the name of her father to fight against the Huns.


Mulan is aimed at children this is clearly highlighted by the U for Universal sticker on the front of the DVD. Being a Disney animation film, which is ultimately aimed at children is another sign of the demographic. The actual animations themselves are soft and cartoony which suggests a younger audience.  However being a U the DVD is limited to the amount of violence, if any that can be shown. An example of this is when Mulan and company and orderd to move to the front to help fight the Huns. When they arrive they find the general dead, you do any bodies as to detract from the morbidity of the scene, however one of the soldiers is seen carrying his helmet, suggesting he’s dead.

Mulan when released was at the crux of many debates about how sexism and racism are portrayed in the film. The fact that women are to be seen and not heard, how women cannot live up to the expectations of men. One character in particular is heavily stereotyped (Chi Fu). He is drawn more as a caricature and has a strong Chinese accent.  Disney like to ‘americanise’ their films often giving the lead character an American accent despite any racial ties. This is done so that the film connects with the viewing audience and Disney believes that if you put an American accent over the lead character the American audience will understand the context of the film better.

In terms of evidence IMDB shows the demographics of the people who watch Mulan. Unsurprisingly the graph shows that females rated the film more highly with a 7.9 average out of 10 and men with 7.1. This is because the Disney genre is still applicable to women of any age, where as men over 18 tend not to be as interested. This is shown in the females aged 18-29 and the males aged 18-29 where males of this age voted it as a 7.2 and females a 8.1.


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