Audiences for media products – Twilight



Twilight is a result of romance vs. horror, you get this weird cross over that depicts vampires and werewolves as actually being sex symbols. Lets make no joke this films demographic is purely aimed at women this shows through the IMDB demographics graph.


You can see clearly that the women vote is carrying this films vote median by giving it a 6.1 where as men are voting it low at 4.9. What is even more interesting is that the amount of votes from males totals more than that of women. Meaning that men are logging in and voting just to show their dislike for this film. It is this hatred that’s giving twilight is popularity and even abuse towards the film is free marketing for the producers. Just selecting the male votes to see how they voted, the graph below shows that almost 20% of men rated the film as a 1 showing strong opposition for it.

Why do males not like this film?  Like with most romance films guys just aren’t interested. Looking into a study covering primal reverting feelings as a man it is their job not to look soppy or vulnerable and romantic films tend to touch on this. Its also based on how men want others to see themselves and how self conscious they get if the world sees them as anything other than a manly man.

Twilight hooks its audience by placing in the three-way relationship struggle. Bella loves Edward, Edward loves Bella and then you have Jacob who comes in to create a tension that will last 5 movies. This very much appealed to the audience as they separated themselves into ‘teams’, team Jacob and team Edward.

The film also rides on the success of the book which already hooking the desired audience.

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