News & Soap Operas: How They Reflect Real life Issues, Patriotism In ‘Transformers’ and ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ & Good, Bad and Evil In ‘Transformers’

The news and soap operas are both direct reflections of what is happening in reality. The only difference is the news is reporting about real people and events and soaps are showing fictional people and events. Most of the story lines that characters go through in soaps are based on real issues that happen to real people in real life. In ‘EastEnders’ they had an example of homelessness with Ian Beale.

In ‘Coronation Street’ and ‘Hollyoaks’ you have examples of serial killers with Richard Hillman and Silas Blissett. Now there are always reports in the news that young women get murdered because they think they are meeting a young man online on a social networking site and it turns out that it as an old man who changed his profile picture to that of a young man and all his personal details so they are false and he wants to cause the woman serious harm and even kill her and this happened on Hollyoaks as Silas was this type of murderer.

Also on ‘Hollyoaks’ you have alcoholics (Martha Kane being an example) drug dealers (Robbie Roscoe being an example) and people addicted to drugs i.e. Nancy Hayton is addicted to pills at the moment. Many people in real life have drug and/or alcohol addictions too.

Then you have Esther Bloom trying to end her life because she was being bullied so much as similar things happen in reality with real people who start having suicidal feelings because they are being bullied too much and they feel they have no one to turn to as everyone around them is busy.

Also soaps are usually mostly linear but you do get a few non-linear exceptions sometimes on the rare occasion i.e. recently in ‘Hollyoaks’ there was a flash back scene and it showed Will Savage killing Texas Longford. A few years ago there was a whole flash back episode of ‘Hollyoaks’ explaining how villian Warren Fox survived be so-called ‘burnt alive’ in The Loft night club fire.

Also gun crime, daylight robbery and shoplifing is dipicted in ‘Hollyoaks’, an example being this week when Robbie Roscoe shot Callum Kane and Finn O’ Connor helped Robbie perform a daylight robbery. In the end they dropped the bag of money so they were never able to spend a penny of it, but that’s not the point, the point is that they would have spent that money if they were able to keep it. They commited an illegal offense and a crime and they should be punished for it, as they didn’t just frighten people, it went as far as people getting seriously injured and it could have even led to innocent people dying. Gun crime, daylight robbery and shoplifting happens all the time in the real world too, and the people who do it in reality should be punished just as much as the characters in ‘Hollyoaks’.

In the ‘Transfomers’ movies the character Optimus Prime is blue and red to represent the blue and red on the American flag. However, in the original Generation one cartoon Optimus is just red. This represents patriotism and Optimus Prime’s posture and stance seems to resemble Superman’s sometimes, who also wears red and white and he lives in America. Also in the ‘Transformers’ movies it isn’t always clear who the villains and the heroes are as they all look really similar, some have Autobot and Decepticon logos that are clearly visible so you can tell if they are bad or good straight away, some have logos that are not visible so you can’t tell if they are good are bad straight away, and some have no logos at all. However, in the original Generation One cartoon, every single one of the decepticons have a decepticon logo on them, and every single one of the Autobots have a Autobot logo on them, so it’s made really clear who is good and who is evil, this could be to make it more child friendly.

Even though the ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ film was meant to be really patriotic to America, it actually ended up being really patriotic to Britain as most of the actors and actresses who starred in it were British.

Richard Hillman

Richard Hillman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Hollyoaks logo used in the opening titles ...

The Hollyoaks logo used in the opening titles from 2011-present. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Silas Blissett

Silas Blissett (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nancy Hayton

Nancy Hayton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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