‘Doctor Who’: ‘The Dalek Invasion of Earth’: Episode 1: ‘World’s End’ Analysis

Essentially the episode starts off with the title sequence and then it goes into a scene with a Roboman walking into the River Thames. Then it cuts to a shot of The TARDIS materialising and then cuts again to shot inside The TARDIS where The Doctor is pressing, pushing and pulling loads of knobs and dials on the console after his flips his handkerchief all over it to dust it off.

Then Ian, Barbara and Susan walk into shot and they have a conversation with The Doctor about where they have landed and whether it’s safe to go outside or not, and this is a typical convention that happens in most episodes of ‘Doctor Who’ in the 60’s, it occasionally happened in the 70’s and 80’s and hardly ever in the 90’s (maybe even not at all), but nowadays in 00’s him and his companions go outside without even checking anything or The Doctor checks it without actually speaking and without telling his companion(s).

Susan then pulls the lever and they go outside where Susan ends up hurting her ankle by falling off of an unstable wall even though Ian told her not to climb on the wall. Actress Carole Ann Ford didn’t like this as she didn’t like the thought of Susan being a hapless woman who could do nothing and was just waiting around for the men to solve things and for a husband to come along, which is exactly what happens at the end of this story, the men solve everything and Susan gets a husband, David Campbell. Susan didn’t get written out like Carole wanted. Susan wasn’t mobile during the start of this story, and she ends up getting carried away by a man who is part of a resistance movement fighting the Daleks. Susan get’s carried to an underground secret bunker where the resistance movement is based in London. Barbara and another man follow Susan and the person carrying her, as The Doctor and Ian had split up from Susan and Barbara as they went into a nearby warehouse searching for a cutting torch after the bridge collapsed onto The TARDIS so they could no longer enter it.

In the 60’s women didn’t have as much rights as they do nowadays and at the time this episode was filmed and broadcasted women were seen as useless in not just the public eye but by the BBC and men were seen as the heroes who got things done.

Before Susan, Barbara and the men went to the bunker, Barbara bathed Susan’s ankle with a handkerchief that she made wet in the river. Susan and Barbara meet another person outside the secret entrance called Dortmun (played by Alan Judd) who is the leader of the resistance movement and he’s in a wheelchair. When they enter the bunker they find a whole gang of people at work making things to use against The Daleks, including a person called Jenny. The name Jenny has been used many times in ‘Doctor Who’ over the years that it has been seen to have become sort of another convention now. Usually Jenny is a character who either appears in one story or a recurring character who appears in many episodes that are spread out. You have Jenny in ‘The Dalek Invasion of Earth’, Jenny who is The Doctor’s daughter in the episode entitled ‘The Doctor’s Daughter’, and of course Jenny in the Matt Smith era of ‘Doctor Who’ who is the Silurian Madame Vastra’s girlfriend.

The Doctor and Ian find a calendar in the warehouse that has the date 2164 on it that let’s them know the year that they have landed in. They look outside to see Battersea Power Station destroyed and they find a dead Roboman hidden in some boxes and they try and work out what his head piece does. Then Ian exits through a door and nearly falls to his death because it leads nowhere but The Doctor saves him by pulling him up. Then The Doctor and Ian go back to where The TARDIS landed and they find Susan and Barbara gone and they call their names out to see if they get any response, but they don’t. They then see a sign on the wall that states ‘It is forbidden to throw bodies into the river’ and they both try and work out what it means but to no avail.

Then they try to go looking for Susan and Barbara but just before they can they are stopped by a gang of Robomen on one side and a Dalek coming out of the River Thames on the other, and that is the cliffhanger and the episode ends with the closing credits.

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