Analysis and Response

There are many genre characteristics in the ‘Doctor Who’ episode ‘World’s End’ that make it a Science-Fiction Fantasy Drama. It is a drama because it is pretty much dramatic throughout most of the episode.

The Science-Fiction and Fantasy elements come into it when you have a Dalek, Robomen, The TARDIS  (the fact that it materialises out of nowhere and it looks like a police box and all of the alien technology inside of it i.e. the console), the fact they have travelled forward in time and also the destruction on a scale isn’t like anything the Earth has been through in reality.

This ‘Doctor Who’ episode has a clear narrative structure and a clear beginning, middle and end. The beginning is they land and they encounter various problems, the middle is when they try to solve the problems, and the end is when they encounter yet more problems and the problems they already had in the first place get worse. The cliffhanger is a Dalek coming out of the River Thames on one side and a group of Robomen on the other. For more information on the narrative structure, see my previous post (the one before this one). Obviously the problems never get solved in this episode, that’s the whole point of a cliffhanger really, you have to wait until the final episode in the serial to actually see them solved.

The representation of characters is also clear in this episode, Ian is the action hero who is not afraid to throw himself into any situation (even violent ones) and he often solves most of the problems come the end of a serial, Susan is the hapless and useless schoolgirl Granddaughter of The Doctor who just get’s in the way of situations and makes them worse, The Doctor is the old man Grandfather who needs to be supported by his companions all the time because if he runs too fast he get’s out of breath and he needs to sit down loads and a have a walking stick with him most of the time (he is however more useful than Susan as he is sometimes good in violent situations i.e. he hits Robomen with his walking stick in a later episode of this serial, and in another serial ‘Marco Polo’ he has a sword fight), and Barbara is the sex appeal for the dad’s and men in general (a sexy history teacher). Ian can also be classed as sex appeal for mums and women in general (a sexy science teacher).

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