Censorship debates are often covered in the news, and has been the centre of many discussions for years. Censorship when movies and cartoons were new has drastically changed, as certain bits of content were either not allowed to be shown or were . Over the years, it has become more relaxed, as we grow as a society, but it is still regulated carefully. Organisations have been set up to make it easier to watch and censor unsuitable material and to file complaints made by the public, to go on and fine those who have committed the offence.

Censorship has changed over the years, for example, cartoons for children in the 20’s to the 40’s were extremely racist and featured content that is considered unsuitable for children nowadays, but were acceptable back then, as it was a time when racial prejudices were rife within society, and apartheid was a big issue. Because these instances have been abolished, then the content would be extremely unsuitable for children nowadays, meaning that the cartoons are banned. This kind of censorship is widely regarded as justified and it is the correct thing to do.

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