Censorship Questionnaire Results


17 18 19 20
4 3 2 1


Female Male
6 4

Q1. Do you purposely watch films or television shows with violent or sexual content?

Yes No
2 8

The main response to this question was that the participants did not actively seek out content that included violence or sexual content, which is deemed adult, and sometimes controversial. However if it came on TV, they wouldn’t change the channel. The two responses that said yes claimed that they did not know why they watch it.

Q2. Do you think that films and shows with violence can affect the viewer?

Yes No
8 29

Q3. Some television channels and film studios censor content before it is released to the public. Do you think this is right?

Yes No
9 1

Most people, when asked to explain their answer, said that for a large audience, it needs to be safe for all to watch. The person who said no thought that it is up to the viewer what they want to watch, and not the studios and channels.

Q4. Do you think that violent and sexual films and television shows has been made for a certain type of viewer, or for a general audience?

Viewer General
9 1

Q5. When watching violent films or shows, does it affect you?

Yes No
0 10

Q6. There have been cases where violent and controversial films have been blamed for influencing children who have been exposed to them. Do you think that censorship organisations should haveĀ more control over what is released to the public?

Yes No
2 8

A majority of the answers thought that further censorship and control would be to extreme, and that it is up to the children’s parents to monitor what they watch. On the other hand, two of the responses thought that it would be a good idea as children might see adult content and try to mimic it.

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