Is T.V Bad for Children Questionnaire and Feedback!

Age: 16-20 = 10       21-30 = 3       30+ = 1

Gender: Male = 10   Female = 10

Ethnic Origin: White British = 14

Q1. Do you think that children at an early stage should be watching T.V?

Yes = 9          No = 2

Three people had answered both answers (debating whether it’s good or not)

Q2. From what age do you think children should be allowed to watch T.V?

1-3 = 6           4-6 = 8           6-9 = 0           10+ = 0

Q3. Do you think children can learn from watching T.V?

Yes = 13        No = 1

Why Yes:

  • They can learn life skills
  • Colours and actions influence development
  • Educational programmes can help develop children x2
  • There are specific channels that involve learning
  • Educational x2
  • Cbeebies have new shows x2
  • Enhance their learning

Why No:

  • There are few educational shows

Also some people did not answer these questions, to which is why the results are varied.

Q4. Do you think T.V can cause violence in children?

Yes = 11        No = 3

Why Yes:

  • Parents allows them to watch violent shows
  • I had a fight from Robin Hood (personal experience they mimic the actions)
  • There is loads of violent content in T.V shows
  • Depends on what they watch x2
  • If parents don’t control properly
  • They try to be like the characters
  • There imitate their role models
  • There are a lot of violent shows
  • Copycats

Why No:

  • They would no be watching these shows
  • Children can discern real – life from T.V with parental guidance
  • It’s a small factor in their bring up

Q5. Do you think children will grow in weight if they are constantly watching T.V?

Yes = 9          No = 4

One person had selected both answers

For this question some people found it a confusing questions, as the questions was not straight to the point, this questions was meant to mean if children were constantly watching T.V all day long would it affect their weight, but other picked up and suggested that they would gain weight by eating and doing no exercise not sitting watching T.V (as children will still be active i.e. perhaps walking to school etc. So instead of this question I could have put ‘ Do you think T.V is the cause of obesity’, this question is more to the point and I think I would get better and more understanding results.

Q6. Do you think children watching T.V is the cause of obesity?

Yes = 2          No = 10

Two people had ticked both answers (showing that they are thinking about the question)

Q7. Do you think children should be limited, to the amount of T.V they watch?

Yes = 12        No = 2

Q8.  Do you think children watch too much T.V now, compered to when you were younger?

Yes = 7          No = 6

One person answered both answers. 

Why Yes:

  • There are more ways to watch shows, i.e. computers, tablets, (devices)
  • Too lazy
  • Parents are more leeway
  • Sky
  • Becoming more like reality, similar to social site, reduces the interaction
  • Technology is cheaper and easier to access
  • The shows are shown everyday, rather than once a week

Why No:

  • Some children are playing video games instead
  • I believe more use the internet
  • T.V have been out for a long time
  • There are many more activities now

Two people left this question out so the results will vary

Why Both:

  • T.V is a big social aspect

Q9. If you remember, what age were you when you started watching T.V?


  • Always had a T.V in the house x3
  • 3-5 were the main answers

Q10. Do you think, watching T.V when YOU were younger created an impact on your learning?

Yes = 10        No = 2

Two people picked both answers

Why Yes:

  • Taught you basic values i.e. treating others with respect
  • I remember significant events i.e. the man landing on the moon
  • You absorb information at an early age
  • Influential
  • It made me understand things
  • When I was young my parents used River dance i.e. to help me to sleep and I still like it today (Personal response)
  • I learnt a lot about people and how they act
  • I learnt to interact with other at school
  • Power rangers and T.V tots

Why No:

  • They’re just shows that tell you a story
  • I was brought up with a clear difference between T.V and learning
  • It was a creative outlet

Why Both:

  • It’s a mix of T.V and learning from parents
  • Influence

A lot of the results base around the parents and how they control what the parents let their children watch. But can this be helped with all the developing technology, as children now are more prone to owning more devices with more access to the Internet, that links to more time for T.V.

As a lot of people have based their answers about more people having the access to the Internet rather than just T.V’s, I should have included watching shows/film through devices instead of just T.V’s as a lot of the answers were based on how time has changed and that there are more ways to watch shows/films. But also some children do not watch T.V but will sometimes sit and play video games all the time, I think for the future I should have included some questions based around video games, (this theory is based on one of my responses), to which I can then question more methods on how children can access violent features, but also can playing video games all the time, increase weight.

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